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Advocacy, Campaigning and Grassroots Activism DV455 Course
African Development DV518 Course
African Development DV418 Course
African Political Economy DV435 Course
Bayesian Reasoning for Qualitative Social Science: A modern approach to case study inference DV460 Course
Bayesian Reasoning for Qualitative Social Science: A modern approach to case study inference DV560 Course
China in Developmental Perspective DV432 Course
China in Developmental Perspective DV532 Course
Civil society, security and development DV463 Course
Complex Emergencies DV520 Course
Complex Emergencies DV420 Course
Cutting Edge Issues in Development Thinking & Practice DV445 Course
Demographic Change and Development DV458 Course
Development History, Theory and Policy for Research Students DV501 Course
Development Management DV431 Course
Development Management DV531 Course
Development: History, Theory and Policy DV400 Course
Dissertation: Population and Development DV459 Course
Economic Development Policy I DV590 Course
Economic Development Policy I: Applied Policy Analysis for Macroeconomic Development DV490 Course
Economic Development Policy II DV591 Course
Economic Development Policy II: Microeconomic Analysis DV491 Course
Economic Development Policy III: Government Policy Analysis DV492 Course
Environmental Problems and Development Interventions DV413 Course
Environmental problems and development interventions DV513 Course
Forced Migration and Refugees DV462 Course
Gender, labour markets and social change in the Global South: theory, evidence, public action DV454 Course
Global Civil Society DV429 Course
Global Environmental Governance DV415 Course
Global Environmental Governance DV515 Course
Global Health and Development DV421 Course
Global Health and Population Change DV444 Course
Global Political Economy of Development DV423 Course
Human Security DV434 Course
Information Communication Technologies and Socio-economic Development DV483 Course
International Development Consultancy Project DV453 Course
International Institutions and Late Development DV424 Course
Key Issues in Development Studies DV442 Course
Managing Humanitarianism DV528 Course
Managing Humanitarianism DV428 Course
Money in an Unequal World DV451 Course
MPA Capstone Project DV4B3 Course
MPA Dissertation DV4B4 Course
MPA Policy Paper DV4V8 Course
Policy, Bureaucracy and Development: Theory and Practice of Policy Design, Implementation and Evaluation DV450 Course
Political Economy of Development I DV448 Course
Political Economy of Development II DV449 Course
Population and Development: an Analytical Approach DV411 Course
Population, Health and Development: Evidence and Projections DV456 Course
Poverty DV407 Course
Public Affairs, International Development and Gendered Violence DV447 Course
Research Design and Dissertation in International Development DV410 Course
Research Design and Proposal in International Development DV510 Course
Research Seminar in Development Studies DV500 Course
Research Themes in International Development DV545 Course
Revolution and Development DV480 Course
Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes: Design, Implementation and Evaluation DV457 Course
Technical Change, Paradigm Shifts and Global Development DV446 Course
The Informal Economy and Development DV433 Course
The Informal Economy and Development DV533 Course
The LSE Course: Understanding the causes of things LSE100 Course

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