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Advanced Economic Analysis EC301 Course
Advanced Economic Analysis (Spring Semester) EC301GC Course
Advanced Macroeconomics EC417 Course
Advanced Microeconomics EC487 Course
Applying Behavioural Economics for Social Impact: Design, Delivery and Policy EC452E Course
Applying Behavioural Economics for Social Impact: Design, Delivery, Evaluation and Policy EC452 Course
Behavioural Economics EC310 Course
Contracts and Organisations EC476 Course
Development and Growth EC428 Course
Development Economics EC454E Course
Development Economics EC307 Course
Development Economics EC454 Course
Development Economics for Research Students EC535 Course
Econometric Analysis EC484 Course
Econometric Methods EC486 Course
Econometric Theory EC309 Course
Econometrics EC402 Course
Econometrics for MRes students EC443 Course
Econometrics I EC2C3 Course
Econometrics I EC1C1 Course
Econometrics II EC2C1 Course
Econometrics II EC2C4 Course
Economic Growth, Development, and Capitalism in Historical Perspective EC465 Course
Economic Policy Analysis EC440E Course
Economic Policy Analysis EC303 Course
Economics EC1P1 Course
Economics A EC100 Course
Economics A (Spring Semester) EC100GC Course
Economics B EC102 Course
Economics B (Spring Semester) EC102GC Course
Economics in Public Policy EC230 Course
Economics in Public Policy (Spring Semester) EC230GC Course
Economics of Industry for Research Students EC536 Course
Empirical Methods for Public Policy EC455E Course
Executive MPP Capstone Project EC4H8E Course
Further Topics in Econometrics EC485 Course
Games and Economic Behaviour EC319 Course
Global Market Economics EC421E Course
Globalisation and Economic Policy EC418 Course
History of Economics: How Theories Change EC311 Course
Industrial Economics EC313 Course
International Economics EC421 Course
International Economics EC315 Course
International Economics (Spring Semester) EC315GC Course
International Economics for Research Students EC532 Course
Introduction to Econometrics EC220 Course
Introduction to Econometrics (Spring Semester) EC220GC Course
Introduction to Quantitative Methods for the MPA Programme EC408 Course
Introductory Course for MSc EME EC451 Course
Introductory Course in Mathematics and Statistics EC400 Course
Introductory Course in Microeconomic Principles EC2A0 Course
Labour Economics EC423 Course
Labour Economics EC317 Course
Labour Economics for Research Students EC533 Course
Macroeconomic Principles EC210 Course
Macroeconomic Principles (Spring Semester) EC210GC Course
Macroeconomics EC413 Course
Macroeconomics for MRes students EC442 Course
Macroeconomics for MSc F&E EC4B5 Course
Macroeconomics for Research Students EC539 Course
Macroeconomics I EC1B1 Course
Macroeconomics I EC1B5 Course
Macroeconomics I EC1B3 Course
Macroeconomics II EC2B1 Course
Macroeconomics II EC2B3 Course
Macroeconomics II EC2B5 Course
Methods of Economic Policy Analysis EC419 Course
Micro and Macro Economics (for Public Policy) EC440 Course
Microeconomic Principles I EC201 Course
Microeconomic Principles II EC202 Course
Microeconomic Theory for Research Students EC537 Course
Microeconomics EC411 Course
Microeconomics for MRes students EC441 Course
Microeconomics for MSc F&E EC4B6 Course
Microeconomics I EC1A3 Course
Microeconomics I EC1A1 Course
Microeconomics I EC1A5 Course
Microeconomics II EC2A1 Course
Microeconomics II EC2A3 Course
Microeconomics II EC2A5 Course
Monetary Economics and Aggregate Fluctuations EC424 Course
Monetary Economics and Aggregate Fluctuations EC321 Course
Monetary Economics and Aggregate Fluctuations (Spring Semester) EC321GC Course
MPA Capstone Project EC4B3 Course
MPA Dissertation EC4B4 Course
MPA Policy Paper EC4V8 Course
Political Economy EC302 Course
Political Economy EC453 Course
Political Economy (Spring Semester) EC302GC Course
Political Economy for Research Students EC540 Course
PPE Interdisciplinary Research Seminar EC241 Course
PPE Interdisciplinary Research Seminar EC240 Course
PPE Interdisciplinary Research Seminar EC340 Course
Principles of Econometrics EC221 Course
Principles of Econometrics (Spring Semester) EC221GC Course
Problems of Applied Econometrics EC333 Course
Public Economics EC325 Course
Public Economics EC426 Course
Public Economics for Public Policy EC410 Course
Public Economics for Public Policy EC410E Course
Public Economics for Research Students EC534 Course
Public Policy in Practice Workshop III (EMPA) EC409E Course
Public Policy in Practice Workshop III (EMPP) EC4J3E Course
Quantitative Approaches and Policy Analysis EC455 Course
Quantitative Economics EC475 Course
Quantitative Thesis EC331 Course
Research Paper in Economics EC599 Course
The Economics of Industry EC427 Course
The LSE Course: Understanding the causes of things LSE100 Course
Topics in Advanced Econometrics for Research Students EC518 Course
Work in Progress Seminars EC501 Course

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