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Africa and the World Economy, 1500-2000 EH211 Course
African Economic Development in Historical Perspective EH413 Course
Approaches to Economic and Social History EH520 Course
Atlantic World Slavery EH311 Course
Atlantic World Slavery EH316 Course
Business and Economic Performance since 1945: Britain in International Context EH240 Course
China's Traditional Economy and its Growth in the Very Long-Term EH327 Course
Chinese Economy in Transition: 1850-1950 EH409 Course
Dissertation EH498 Course
Dissertation in Economic or Social History EH390 Course
Dissertation in Global Economic History EH479 Course
Dissertation in Historical Economic Geography EH391 Course
Dissertation in the Poltical Economy of Late Development EH491 Course
Dissertation- MSc Economic History (Research) EH496-7 Course
Economic Change in Global History: Approaches and Analysis EH481 Course
Economic Development of East and Southeast Asia EH446 Course
Economic History Lab: Cities, Economy and Society, 1550-1750 EH208 Course
Economic History Lab: Cities, Economy and Society, 1550-1750 EH313 Course
Economic History of Colonialism EH421 Course
Essay in Quantitative Economic History EH472 Course
Family Economy in History EH209 Course
Historical Analysis of Economic Change EH401 Course
Historical Economic Geography: Cities, Markets and Regions in the 19th and 20th Centuries EH308 Course
History of Economics: Ideas, Policy and Performativity EH429 Course
History of Economics: Making Political Economy into a Social Science EH428 Course
Human Health in History EH454 Course
India and the World Economy EH404 Course
Innovation and its Finance in the 19th and 20th Centuries EH326 Course
International Economic Institutions since World War I EH487 Course
International Migration, 1500-2000: from slavery to asylum EH408 Course
Issues in Modern Japanese Economic Development: Late Industrialisation, Imperialism and High Speed Growth EH325 Course
Japan and Korea as Developing Economies EH423 Course
Knowledge, Technology and Economy from the Middle Ages to Modernity EH312 Course
Latin America and the International Economy EH225 Course
Latin American Development and Economic History EH452 Course
Latin American Development: Political Economy of Growth EH451 Course
Living Standards since the Industrial Revolution: The British experience c.1750-2000 EH457 Course
Making Economic History Count EH103 Course
Monetary and Financial History EH430 Course
Monetary and Financial History since 1750 EH306 Course
Money and Finance: From the Middle Ages to Modernity EH204 Course
Pre-industrial Economic History EH102 Course
Quantitative Analysis in Economic History II EH426L Course
Quantitative Analysis in Economic History II EH426M Course
Quantitative Topics in Economic History I: Cross-section and panel data EH426 Course
Quantitative topics in economic history II: time series and economic dynamics EH427 Course
Research Design and Quantitative Methods in Economic History EH402 Course
Research Dissertation EH499 Course
Research Dissertation A: Contextualisation, Theory and Research Design EH496 Course
Research Dissertation B: Implementation, Analysis and Contribution EH497 Course
Research Dissertation in Global Economic History EH480 Course
Research Paper in Quantitative Economic History EH473 Course
Research Prospectus EH474 Course
Seminar on Modern Economic History EH510 Course
Shipping and Sea Power in Asian Waters, c 1600-1860 EH486 Course
Slavery from Ancient Greece to the Gulag EH309 Course
The Development and Integration of the World Economy in the 19th and 20th Centuries EH483 Course
The Economic History of Firms & Industries Seminar EH518 Course
The Economic History of North America: from Colonial Times to the Cold War EH304 Course
The Economic History of South Asia, 1600-2000 EH307 Course
The Economic History of War EH476 Course
The Historical Context of Business EH464 Course
The Internationalisation of Economic Growth, 1870 to the present day EH101 Course
The Long-Run Analysis of Firms and Industries EH463 Course
The LSE Course: Understanding the causes of things LSE100 Course
The Making of an Economic Superpower: China since 1850 EH207 Course
The Origins of Growth EH238 Course
The Origins of the World Economy: Europe and Asia, 1000-1800 EH482 Course
Theories and Evidence in Economic History EH237 Course
Theories, Paths and Patterns of Late Development EH414 Course
Thesis Workshop in Economic History EH590 Course
Topics in Quantitative Economic History EH422 Course

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