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Basic Economic Concepts for European Political Economy EU409 Course
Capitalism and Democracy in Central Europe (modular) EU449E Course
Concepts in Political Economy EU455 Course
Contested Ideas in EU Law and Government EU474 Course
Culture and Security in Global Politics EU457 Course
Democracy, Ideology and the European State EU447 Course
Dissertation EU499 Course
Dissertation EU498 Course
Dissertation EU497E Course
Economic Governance of EMU (modular) EU446E Course
Emerging Markets, Political Transition and Economic Development in Central and Eastern Europe EU449 Course
Engaging with Europe: Professional Skills EU450 Course
EU Policy-Making and International Cooperation EU479 Course
Europe Beyond Modernity EU437 Course
Europe in World Trade EU482 Course
Europe's Role in Global Migration Governance EU484 Course
European Capitalism(s) and the Global Economy EU443E Course
European Human Rights Law EU463 Course
European Integration from a Global Perspective EU431 Course
European Law and Government EU420 Course
European Models of Capitalism EU443 Course
European Policy-Making and International Cooperation EU483 Course
European Society and Politics beyond the Nation State EU460 Course
Europeanization: The Comparative Politics of Domestic Change EU430 Course
Evidence and Analysis in Policy-Making EU490 Course
Globalisation, Conflict and Post-Conflict Reconstruction EU4A2 Course
History and Theory of European Integration EU435 Course
Imaging Violence, Imagining Europe EU486 Course
Informal Governance EU473 Course
Interdisciplinary Research Methods and Design EU410 Course
Interest groups, markets and democracy (modular) EU425E Course
Interest Representation and Economic Policy- Making in Europe EU425 Course
International Migration: EU Policies and Politics EU464 Course
Key Issues in the Political Economy of Europe (modular) EU452E Course
Labour Markets and the Political Economy of Employment in Europe EU477 Course
MPA Capstone Project EU4B3 Course
MPA Dissertation EU4B4 Course
MPA Policy Paper EU4V8 Course
MSc in The Global Political Economy of China and Europe Policy Incubator EU4C9 Course
Policy Incubator EU495 Course
Policy-Making in Europe: System Challenges EU480 Course
Policy-Making in the European Union EU421 Course
Political and Fiscal Integration and Disintegration in EU Member States EU439 Course
Political Economy and Public Policy Workshop EU555 Course
Political Economy in Theory and History EU491 Course
Political Economy of Europe EU452 Course
Political Economy of Integration and Fragmentation in Europe EU492 Course
Post-Conflict Justice and Reconciliation in Europe and Beyond EU485 Course
Public Policy and Cultural Narratives in a Global Europe EU458 Course
Religious Diversity and Conflict in Europe EU475 Course
Research Methods and Design in EU Politics EU465 Course
Research Methods and Design in European Studies EU554 Course
Research Workshop in European Studies EU550 Course
The Balkans in Europe: Transition, Democratisation, Integration EU440 Course
The Culture of European Politics EU478 Course
The Future: Political Responses to a Challenge EU481 Course
The Idea of Europe EU424 Course
The LSE Course: Understanding the causes of things LSE100 Course
The Philosophy of Europe EU432 Course
The Political Economy of European Monetary Integration EU446 Course
The Political Economy of European Welfare States EU453 Course
The Political Economy of Finance in Europe EU469 Course
The Political Economy of Southeast Europe EU434 Course
The Political Economy of the Neoliberal State EU467 Course
The Political Economy of Welfare State Reform (modular) EU453E Course
The Politics and Policies of 'Brexit': The UK's changing relationship with the European Union GV3A1 Course
The Politics and Policies of 'Brexit': The UK's changing relationship with the European Union EU4A1 Course
The West EU426 Course
Turkey and Europe EU476 Course

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