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Advanced Issues in Gender, Peace and Security GI427 Course
Archival Interventions: Feminist, Queer and Decolonial Approaches GI429 Course
Bodies, Culture and Politics GI428 Course
Dissertation - Independent Research Project GI499 Course
Doctoral Workshop: Department of Gender Studies GI500 Course
Feminist Economics and Policy: An Introduction GI418 Course
Feminist Political Theory GI406 Course
Feminist Population Politics GI417 Course
Gender and European Welfare States GI415 Course
Gender and Human Rights GI426 Course
Gender and Media Representation GI403 Course
Gender Theories: An Interdisciplinary Approach GI424 Course
Gender, Globalisation and Development: An Introduction GI409 Course
Gender, Knowledge and Research Practice GI402 Course
Gender, Politics and Civil Society GI200 Course
Gender, Post/coloniality and Development: Critical Perspectives and New Directions GI411 Course
Gender, Race and Militarisation GI413 Course
Globalisation and Sexuality GI423 Course
Globalisation, Gender and Development GI407 Course
Globalisation, Gender and Development: Theorising Policy and Practice GI420 Course
Intersectional Inequalities in the Agro-Food System GI430 Course
Introduction to Gender, Peace and Security GI425 Course
Screening the Present: contemporary cinema and cultural critique GI410 Course
Sexuality, Gender and Culture GI421 Course
The LSE Course: Understanding the causes of things LSE100 Course
Theorising Gender and Social Policy GI414 Course
Transnational Sexual Politics GI422 Course

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