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Contemporary Civil Wars: Comparative Case Studies GV4B8 Course
Advanced Issues in Applied Political Theory GV316 Course
Advanced Issues in Political Economy GV325 Course
Advanced Study of Key Political Thinkers GV4F5 Course
Advanced Topics in Government: Executive Politics GV312 Course
African Political Economy GV335 Course
Applied Quantitative Methods for Political Science GV4G1 Course
Approaches and Issues in Public Policy and Administration GV4E9 Course
Armed Groups: Violence, Governance, and Mobilization GV4H9 Course
Behavioural and Experimental Political Economy GV4H6 Course
British Government GV311 Course
Building Democracies from Conflict? Violence, Power-Sharing and Institutional Design GV318 Course
Capitalism and Democracy GV4E2 Course
Chinese Political Thought GV4H1 Course
Citizen Representation and Democracy in the European Union GV4J4 Course
Citizens' Political Behaviour in Europe: Elections Public Opinion and Identities GV4A2 Course
Comparative Conflict Analysis GV4G4 Course
Comparative Democratization in a Global Age GV4E1 Course
Comparative Political Economy: New Approaches and Issues in CPE GV517 Course
Comparative Public Policy Change GV477 Course
Concepts and Controversies in Political Theory GV321 Course
Conflict and Institutional Design in Divided Societies GV4E8 Course
Contemporary Disputes about Justice GV408 Course
Contemporary India: The World's Largest Democracy in the Early 21st Century GV4H2 Course
Contemporary Political Theory GV262 Course
Democracy and Democratisation GV245 Course
Democracy and Development in Latin America GV444 Course
Democracy in East and South Asia GV427 Course
Democratisation, Conflict and Statebuilding GV4E3 Course
Dilemmas of Equality GV4D7 Course
Dissertation GV499 Course
Doctoral Workshop: Political Theory GV501 Course
Empirical Research in Government GV314 Course
Ethnicity and Nationalism Research Workshop GV510 Course
European Politics: Comparative Analysis GV450 Course
Executive MPP Capstone Project GV4H8E Course
Experimental Politics GV319 Course
Feminist Political Theory GV4H3 Course
Fiscal Governance and Budgeting GV4E4E Course
Fiscal Governance and Budgeting GV4J5 Course
Foundations of Political Theory GV4H4 Course
Game Theory for Political Science GV4C8 Course
Game Theory for Research GV4J6 Course
Global Public Policy GV306 Course
Globalisation and Democracy GV442 Course
Globalisation, Conflict and Post-Conflict Reconstruction GV4C2 Course
Globalization and Democratization in Southeast Asia GV4C9 Course
Government and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe GV439 Course
Government and Politics in China GV432 Course
Government Dissertation Option GV390 Course
Government, Politics and Public Policy in the European Union GV251 Course
Inside the Mind of a Voter: Research in Electoral Psychology GV398 Course
Institutions and Global Trade GV4F8 Course
International Migration and Immigration Management GV4A5 Course
Introduction to Comparative Politics GV467 Course
Introduction to Political Science GV101 Course
Introduction to Political Theory GV100 Course
Introductory Mathematics for Political Science GV4J7 Course
Kant's Political Philosophy GV4B6 Course
Key Themes in the History of Political Thought GV302 Course
Knowledge Economies: Global Innovation Networks and Segregated Societies GV322 Course
Law and Politics of Regulation GV488 Course
Leadership in the Political World GV308 Course
Legislative Politics: European Parliament GV4C6 Course
Legislative Politics: US GV4C4 Course
Local Power in an Era of Globalization, Democratization, and Decentralization GV4D3 Course
Marx and Marxism GV4G7 Course
Middle East Politics in Transnational Perspective GV328 Course
Middle East Politics in Transnational Perspective GV4J8 Course
Modern African Political Philosophy GV4M6 Course
MPA Capstone Project GV4B3 Course
MPA Dissertation GV4B4 Course
MPA Policy Paper GV4V8 Course
Multiculturalism GV498 Course
Nationalism GV479 Course
Nationalism and War GV4C7 Course
Nationalist Conflict, Political Violence and Terrorism GV4A8 Course
Network Regulation GV403 Course
Organisations, Power and Leadership GV4D5 Course
Parties, Elections and Governments GV454 Course
Philosophy, Politics and Economics: Capstone and Research Project GV342 Course
Policy Advice in Theory and Practice GV4F4 Course
Policy Paper PP4V8E Course
Policy Paper GV4V8E Course
Political and Ethnic Conflict and Coexistence: Key Debates GV307 Course
Political Economy and Public Policy Workshop GV555 Course
Political Economy of the Developing World GV366 Course
Political Philosophy Research Seminar GV503 Course
Political Science and Political Economy GV481 Course
Political Science and Political Economy Doctoral Workshop GV514 Course
Political Science and Political Economy: Advanced Topics GV482 Course
Political Science and Public Policy GV478E Course
Political Science and Public Policy GV478 Course
Politics and Institutions in Europe GV264 Course
Politics of Economic Policy GV4C5 Course
Politics of Money and Finance in Comparative Perspective GV309 Course
Politics of Trade in Comparative Perspective GV313 Course
Popular Politics in the Middle East GV4F2 Course
Populism GV4J9 Course
Populism GV320 Course
Power and Politics in the Modern World: Comparative Perspectives GV248 Course
Public Budgeting and Financial Management GV4E4 Course
Public Choice and Politics GV225 Course
Public Management Theory and Doctrine GV483 Course
Public Opinion, Political Psychology and Citizenship GV4J3 Course
Public Policy Analysis GV263 Course
Public Policy in Practice Workshop I (EMPA) GV4G8E Course
Public Policy in Practice Workshop I (EMPA) PP4G8E Course
Public Policy in Practice Workshop I (EMPP) PP4J1E Course
Public Policy in Practice Workshop I (EMPP) GV4J1E Course
Public Policy in Practice Workshop II (EMPA) PP4G9E Course
Public Policy in Practice Workshop II (EMPA) GV4G9E Course
Public Policy in Practice Workshop II (EMPP) GV4J2E Course
Public Policy in Practice Workshop II (EMPP) PP4J2E Course
Qualitative Methods in the Study of Politics GV513 Course
Regulatory Analysis GV488E Course
Research Design in Political Science GV249 Course
Research Design in the Social Sciences GV5X1 Course
Research Methods in Political Theory GV504 Course
Research Paper in Comparative Politics GV5X2 Course
Research Paper in European Politics and Policy GV5X3 Course
Research Paper in Global Politics GV5X4 Course
Research Paper in Political Science and Political Economy GV5X5 Course
Research Paper in Political Theory GV5X6 Course
Research Paper in Public Policy and Administration GV5X7 Course
Research Prospectus in Political Science GV599 Course
Researching People, Politics and Organisations GV515 Course
Social Choice Theory and Democracy GV4A3 Course
States and Markets GV441 Course
Subnational Politics in Comparative Perspective GV4H7 Course
The Challenges of Governance and Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa GV4F9 Course
The History and Politics of the Modern Middle East GV4G5 Course
The Liberal Idea of Freedom GV4B7 Course
The LSE Course: Understanding the causes of things LSE100 Course
The Modern State - Theory and Practice GV317 Course
The Political Philosophy of Environmental Change GV4H5 Course
The Political Theory of Jurgen Habermas GV4F7 Course
The Politics of Economic Policy GV227 Course
The Politics of Globalization GV4A4 Course
The Politics of Globalization GV4K4 Course
The Politics of Inequality and Redistribution GV4D4 Course
The Second Europe GV4B9 Course
The State and Political Institutions in Latin America GV443 Course
Theories and Problems of Nationalism GV247 Course
Transparency and Accountability in Government GV4K1 Course
Transparency and Accountability in Government GV323 Course
Twentieth Century European Liberal Thought GV476 Course
Voting and Elections in Developing Democracies GV315 Course
War, Peace and Politics of National Self-Determination GV465 Course

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