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Advanced Algorithms MA421 Course
Advanced Topics in Operations Research and Applicable Mathematics MA431 Course
Algebra and its Applications MA315 Course
Algebra and Number Theory MA211 Course
Algorithmic Game Theory MA434 Course
Algorithmic Techniques for Data Mining MA429 Course
Algorithms and Computation MA407 Course
Algorithms and Data Structures MA214 Course
Algorithms and Programming MA314 Course
Basic Quantitative Methods MA110 Course
Chaos in Dynamical Systems MA303 Course
Combinatorial Optimisation MA428 Course
Complex Analysis MA317 Course
Computational Methods in Finance MA417 Course
Computational Methods in Financial Mathematics MA323 Course
Contemporary Discrete Mathematics MA408 Course
Continuous Time Optimisation MA409 Course
Differential Equations MA209 Course
Discrete Mathematics MA210 Course
Dissertation in Mathematics MA334 Course
Dissertation in Mathematics MA498 Course
Dissertation in Operations Research & Analytics MA426 Course
Efficient Algorithms For Hard Optimisation Problems MA430 Course
Functional Analysis and its Applications MA412 Course
Fundamentals of Operations Research MA423 Course
Further Mathematical Methods MA212 Course
Further Mathematical Methods (Linear Algebra) MA222 Course
Further Quantitative Methods (Mathematics) MA207 Course
Game Theory MA300 Course
Game Theory for Collective Decisions MA330 Course
Game Theory I MA402 Course
Game Theory I MA301 Course
Games of Incomplete Information MA413 Course
Graph Theory MA316 Course
History of Mathematics in Finance and Economics MA318 Course
Information, Communication and Cryptography MA410 Course
Introduction to Abstract Mathematics MA103 Course
Machine Learning in Financial Mathematics MA435 Course
Mathematical Methods MA100 Course
Mathematical Modelling and Simulation MA324 Course
Mathematical Optimisation MA427 Course
Mathematical Proof and Analysis MA102 Course
Mathematics of Finance and Valuation MA310 Course
Mathematics of Finance and Valuation MA322 Course
Mathematics of Networks MA433 Course
Mathematics of Networks MA320 Course
Mathematics: Seminar on Combinatorics, Games and Optimisation MA500 Course
Measure Theoretic Probability MA321 Course
Modelling in Operations Research MA424 Course
Operational Research Methods MA231 Course
Operations Research Techniques MA213 Course
Optimisation for Machine Learning MA333 Course
Optimisation in Function Spaces MA305 Course
Optimisation Theory MA208 Course
Partial Differential Equations MA319 Course
Preferences, Optimal Portfolio Choice, and Equilibrium MA418 Course
Probability and Measure MA411 Course
Probability for Finance MA313 Course
Programming in C++ MA432 Course
Programming in C++ MA332 Course
Project in Operations Research & Analytics MA425 Course
Quantifying Risk and Modelling Alternative Markets MA420 Course
Quantitative Methods (Mathematics) MA107 Course
Real Analysis MA203 Course
Research Student Seminar MA501 Course
Research Topics in Financial Mathematics MA422 Course
Search Games MA419 Course
September Introductory Course (Financial Mathematics and Quantitative Methods for Risk Management) MA400 Course
Stochastic Analysis MA414 Course
The Foundations of Interest Rate and Credit Risk Theory MA416 Course
The LSE Course: Understanding the causes of things LSE100 Course
The Mathematics of the Black and Scholes Theory MA415 Course

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