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Analytic frameworks for policy evaluation PP4E4 Course
Applying Behavioural Economics for Social Impact: Design, Delivery, Evaluation and Policy PP452 Course
Comparative Political Economy and Development PP449 Course
Designing and Implementing Evidence-Informed Policies and Programmes PP4J4 Course
Designing and Managing Change in the Public Sector PP4G3 Course
Developments in Contemporary Policy-Making PP411M Course
Developments in Contemporary Policy-Making PP411L Course
Economic Policy Analysis PP440E Course
Economics of Public Policy PP404 Course
Fiscal Governance and Budgeting PP4J5E Course
Fiscal Governance and Budgeting PP4J5 Course
Global Market Economics PP421E Course
Global Social Protection Design and Delivery PP412 Course
Globalisation and Economic Policy PP418 Course
Innovations in the governance of public services delivery PP4E5 Course
International Political Economy and Development PP448 Course
Introduction to Quantitative Methods for the MPA Programme PP408 Course
Making governments and policies deliver for development PP450 Course
Methods of Economic Policy Analysis PP419 Course
Micro and Macro Economics (for Public Policy) PP440 Course
MPA Capstone Project PP4B3 Course
MPA Dissertation PP4B4 Course
MPA Policy Paper PP4V8 Course
New Institutions of Public Policy: Strategic Philanthropy, Impact Investment and Social Enterprise PP4J2 Course
Philosophy for Public Policy PP406 Course
Political Science and Public Policy PP478E Course
Political Science for Public Policy PP478 Course
Political Science for Public Policy PP401 Course
Public Economics for Public Policy PP410 Course
Public Management PP403 Course
Public Policy Applications PP405 Course
Quantitative Methods for Public Policy PP402 Course
Regulatory Analysis PP488E Course
Welfare Analysis and Measurement PP4X6 Course

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