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Behavioural Science PS467 Course
Behavioural Science for Health PS473E Course
Classical Texts in Social Psychology PS960 Course
Cognition and Culture PS451 Course
Consumer Psychology PS456 Course
Contemporary Social and Cultural Psychology PS400 Course
Corporate Behaviour and Decision Making PS472E Course
Corporate Communications PS438 Course
Creativity and Innovation PS458 Course
Current Communication Research PS411 Course
Current Research in Social Psychology PS950 Course
Dissertation PS497 Course
Foundations of Behavioural Science PS111 Course
Foundations of Psychological Science PS110 Course
Happiness PS466 Course
Health Communication PS418 Course
Health, Community and Development PS461 Course
Introductory Research Methods for Psychological and Behavioural Science PS115 Course
Issues in Organizational and Social Psychology: Organizational Life PS446 Course
Issues in Social Psychology: Group Dynamics PS421 Course
Knowledge Processes in Organizations PS428 Course
Methods for Social Psychology Research: Fundamental Qualitative and Fundamental Quantitative Methods PS4A1 Course
Methods for Social Psychology Research: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods PS4A5 Course
Organisational and Social Decision Making PS445 Course
Organisational Social Psychology PS404 Course
Political Psychology of Intercultural Relations PS409 Course
Psychological and Behavioural Science PS443A Course
Psychology of Economic Life PS465 Course
Research Methods for Social Psychology PS4AA Course
Science, Technology and Resistance PS439 Course
Social Influence PS464 Course
Social Psychology PS102 Course
Social Psychology of Economic Life: Advanced Topics PS415 Course
Social Representations PS410 Course
Societal Psychology PS443 Course
The LSE Course: Understanding the causes of things LSE100 Course
The Psychology Department Seminar PS940 Course
The Social Psychology of Communication PS429 Course
Theory and Practice of Organisational Development PS462 Course

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