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Applied Social Research Fieldtrips SO484 Course
Approaches to Human Rights SO424 Course
Atrocity and Justice SO309 Course
Becoming a Professional Sociologist SO505 Course
Cities and Society: Design and Social Cohesion SO4A2 Course
Cities and the Economy: Urban Economic Development and Finance SO4A3 Course
Cities and the Environment: Urban Environmental Transitions SO4A4 Course
Cities by Design SO451 Course
City Design: Research Studio SO448 Course
City-Making: the Politics of Urban Form SO465 Course
Class, Politics and Culture SO481 Course
Classical Social Thought SO426 Course
Contemporary Politics of Human Rights SO4B1 Course
Contemporary Social Thought SO463 Course
Contemporary Social Thought SO490 Course
Crime, Control and the City SO473 Course
Crime, Deviance and Control SO210 Course
Cultural Theory and Cultural Forms SO434 Course
Data Analysis Workshop SO501 Course
Data in Society: Researching Social Life SO102 Course
Digital Technology, Speed and Culture SO230 Course
Digital Technology, Speed and Culture SO234 Course
Economic Sociology SO430 Course
Families and Inequalities SO454 Course
Family and Migration SO489 Course
Gender and Societies SO458 Course
Gender and Society SO208 Course
Governing Cities in an Urban Age: Challenges and Opportunities SO4A1 Course
Human Rights and Postcolonial Theory SO479 Course
Independent Project SO449 Course
International Migration and Migrant Integration SO468 Course
Issues in Critical and Applied Social Research SO485 Course
Key Concepts: Advanced Social Theory SO201 Course
Key Concepts: Introduction to Social Theory SO100 Course
Knowledge, Power, and Social Change SO231 Course
Law and Violence SO311 Course
Leadership and Social Change SO4A8 Course
Material Culture and Design SO475 Course
Material Culture and Everyday Life SO313 Course
Modern Social Thought SO427 Course
MSc in Culture and Society Dissertation SO493 Course
MSc in Economy, Risk and Society Dissertation SO495 Course
MSc in Human Rights and Politics Dissertation SO4B2 Course
MSc in Human Rights Dissertation SO496 Course
MSc in Inequalities and Social Science Dissertation SO497 Course
MSc in Political Sociology Dissertation SO494 Course
MSc in Sociology Dissertation SO499 Course
Personal Life, Intimacy and the Family SO308 Course
Political Reconciliation SO457 Course
Political Sociology SO203 Course
Politics and Society SO407 Course
Power, Inequality, and Difference: Contemporary Themes in Sociology SO110 Course
Qualitative Methods for Cultural Research SO444 Course
Qualitative Social Research Methods SO492 Course
Quantitative Social Research Methods SO491 Course
Reactionary Radicalism: Populism and Authoritarianism in the 21st Century SO233 Course
Regulation, Risk and Economic Life SO425 Course
Research Class for MPhil Students SO500 Course
Research Seminar in Political Sociology SO511 Course
Research Seminar on Cities and Space SO521 Course
Researching London: Advanced Social Research Methods SO221 Course
Researching Migration: research questions and research methods SO476 Course
Risk and Governance: A Sociological Approach SO469 Course
Social Change Organizations SO483 Course
Social Research Methods SO401 Course
Social Scientific Analysis of Inequalities SO478 Course
Sociology of Health and Illness SO232 Course
Sociology of Health and Medicine SO211 Course
Technology, Power and Culture SO471 Course
The LSE Course: Understanding the causes of things LSE100 Course
The Sociological Dissertation SO302 Course
The Sociology of Elites SO310 Course
The Sociology of Markets SO470 Course
The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity SO224 Course
Topics in Race, Ethnicity and Postcolonial Studies SO482 Course
Urban Consultancy Project SO4A7 Course
Urban Development and Master Planning SO4A6 Course
Urban Inequalities SO480 Course
Urban Infrastructure and Strategic Planning SO4A5 Course
Urban Social Theory SO477 Course
White Screens/Black Images: The Sociology of Black Cinema SO4A9 Course
Work, Inequality and Society SO312 Course

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