1. Lecture 1 - Introducing Social Policy - Armanian Ishkanian 24 items
    1. Essential readings 4 items
      1. Social policy - Dean, Hartley 2006

        Book Essential 'What is social policy?' Chapter 1 - Dean, H "SCANNED READING"

      2. The Politics of Social Policy Language - Daniel Béland 02/2011

        Article Essential Read pp 1-18.

      3. Social policy for development - Hall, Anthony L., Midgley, James 2004

        Book Essential Chapter 1 - 'Social policy for development: local, national and global dimensions.' - Hall, A and J. Midgley

    2. Recommended readings 20 items
      1. Social protection for the poor and poorest: concepts, policies and politics - Barrientos, Armando, Hulme, David, University of Manchester, Chronic Poverty Research Centre 2008

        Book Background Part 1 Introduction

      2. Global social policy & governance - Bob Deacon 2007

        Book Background Chapter 1

      3. The three worlds of welfare capitalism - Esping-Andersen, G²sta 1990

        Book Background

      4. A Perfect Storm? Welfare, Care, Gender and Generations in Uruguay - Fernando Filgueira, Magdalena Gutiérrez, Jorge Papadópulos 07/2011

        Article Background

      5. Changing paths: international development and the new politics of inclusion - Houtzager, Peter P., Moore, Mick c2005

        Book Background

      6. Global Social Policy

        Document Background Read Jane Jenson (2010) pp 59-84

      7. Re-visioning Social Policy in the South - Naila Kabeer, Sarah Cook 10/2000

        Article Background

      8. Social policy in a development context - Mkandawire, P. Thandika, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development 2004

        Book Background

      9. Understanding global social policy - Yeates, Nicola c2008

        Book Background

  2. Lecture 2 - Governance of Social Policy - Tim Hildebrandt 28 items
    1. Essential Readings 4 items
    2. Recommended Readings 24 items
      1. Governance, administration and development: making the state work - Mark Turner, David Hulme 1997

        Book Background Read Chapter 3

      2. In The Name of Liberalism - Desmond King 02/09/1999

        Book Background Read Chapter 1 and 2

      3. Seeing like a state: how certain schemes to improve the human condition have failed - James C. Scott c1998 (electronic resource)

        Book Background ‘Chapter 3. 'Authoritarian high Modernism’

      4. Good Government in the Tropics - Judith Tendler 1998

        Book Background Read chapter 2,3 and 4

      5. Transcending Neoliberalism. Community-Based Development in Latin America

        Webpage Background Read Veltmeyer, H (2001) ‘Decentralisation and Local Development

  3. Lecture 3 - Power, Politics & Social Policy - Armine Ishkanian 20 items
    1. Essential Readings: 4 items
      1. Discourse and Power in Development: Michel Foucault and the Relevance of his Work to the Third World - Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Kokusai Kirisutokyō Daigaku. Heiwa Kenkyūjo, World Order Models Project, Rutgers University. Center for Global Change and Governance (electronic resource)

        Article Essential

      2. Power: a radical view - Steven Lukes, MyiLibrary 2005 (electronic resource)

        Book Essential Read pp 14-59

    2. Recommended Readings: 16 items
  4. Lecture 4 - Human Rights and Social Justice - Armine Ishkanian 20 items
    1. Essential Readings 4 items
      1. Putting the 'Rights-Based Approach' to Development into Perspective - Andrea Cornwall and Celestine Nyamu-Musembi 2004

        Article Essential

      2. World Poverty and Human Rights - Pogge, Thomas 2005

        Article Essential Read pp 1-7,133-134

    2. Recommended Readings 16 items
      1. Just sustainabilities: development in an unequal world - Evans, Bob, Agyeman, Julian, Bullard, Robert D. 2001

        Book Background "introduction: Joined up thinking: Bringing together sustainability, environmental justice and equity" - Agyeman, J. , Bullard, R.D. and B. Evans

      2. Global civil society 2011: globality and the absence of justice - Albrow, Martin, Seckinelgin, Hakan, Hertie School of Governance, London School of Economics and Political Science 2011

        Book Background "Globality and the Absence of Justice" - Albrow, M. and H. Seckinelgin

      3. Are there Collective Human Rights? - Michael Freeman 08/1995

        Article Background

      4. Mirrors of justice: law and power in the post-Cold War era - Kamari Maxine Clarke, Mark Goodale 2010

        Book Background Read Introduction: Understanding the Multiplicity of Justice

      5. Doing the rights thing: rights-based development and Latin American NGOs - Molyneux, Maxine, Lazar, Sian 2003

        Book Background "NGOs and rights approaches" Chapter 3 - Molyneux, M. and S. Lazar

      6. NGOs and human rights: promise and performance - Claude Emerson Welch 2001

        Book Background Read Human Rights International NGOs: A Critical Evaluation

      7. Frontiers of justice: disability, nationality, species membership - Nussbaum, Martha Craven 2006

        Book Background "Capabilities Across National Boundaries" Chapter 5 - Nussbaum, M

      8. Realizing the Right to Development - Arjun Sengupta 06/2000

        Article Background Read 55 -57

  5. Lecture 5 - Theories of Policy Processes in International development - Haley Jones 15 items
    1. Essential Readings 4 items
      1. Governance, management and development: making the state work - Mark Turner, David Hulme, Willy McCourt 2015

        Book Essential Read Chapter 4

      2. The diffusion of Conditional Cash Transfer programs in the Americas - Natasha Borges Sugiyama 12/2011

        Article Essential Read pp 250-278.

      3. Abortion Law Reforms in Colombia and Nicaragua: Issue Networks and Opportunity Contexts - Camilla Reuterswärd, Pär Zetterberg, Suruchi Thapar-Björkert, Maxine Molyneux 05/2011

        Article Essential Read pp 805-831.

    2. Additional Readings 11 items
      1. Routledge handbook of public policy - Eduardo Araral 2013

        Book  Read Chapter 9-12

      2. An introduction to the policy process: theories, concepts, and models of public policy making - Thomas A. Birkland c2011

        Book  see especially chapter1

      3. The anti-politics machine: "development," depoliticization, and bureaucratic power in Lesotho - James Ferguson c1994

        Book  Read especially first two chapters

      4. Is there a third-world policy process? - Donald L. Horowitz 10/1989

        Article  Read pages 197-212

      5. Actors and ideas behind CCTs in Chile, Costa Rica and El Salvador - Juliana Martínez Franzoni, Koen Voorend 12/2011

        Article  Read pp 279-298

      6. Unpacking policy: knowledge, actors and spaces in poverty reduction in Uganda and Nigeria - Karen Brock, Rosemary McGee, John Gaventa 2004

        Book  Read chapter 1

      7. Social policy in a developing world - Rebecca Surender, Robert Walker 2013

        Book  Read especially chapters 3 and 4

  6. Week 6 - Reading Week 0 items
  7. Lecture 6 - Actors, Policy Processes & Practice in Developing Countries - Hakan Seckinelgin-Hakan Seckinelgin 17 items
    1. Essential Readings 4 items
    2. Recommended Readings 13 items
      1. Acting in an uncertain world: an essay on technical democracy - Callon, Michel, Lascoumes, Pierre, Barthe, Yannick c2009

        Book Essential

      2. Mapping social policy development in sub-Saharan Africa - Kpessa, Michael W. 01 May 2013

        Article Essential Read 326-341

      3. Revisioning comparative welfare state studies: an 'indigenous dimension' - Humpage, Louise 01 September 2010

        Article Essential Read pp 539-557

      4. Actors and strategies in translating global conservation narratives to Vietnam: An agency perspective - Farhad Mukhtarov, Andrea Brock, Sanne Janssen, Armelle Guignier 2013-5

        Article Essential Read pp 113-124

      5. Policy paradox: the art of political decision making - Deborah A. Stone c2012

        Book Essential

      6. Transfer and translation of policy - Stone, Diane 01 November 2012

        Article Essential

  8. Lecture 7 - Globalisation and Markets - Hakan Seckinelgin 21 items
    1. Essential Readings: 4 items
      1. Understanding the Mechanisms of Economic Development - Deaton, Angus Summer 2010

        Article Essential Read pp 3-16

      2. For love or money--or both? - Folbre, NancyNelson, Julie A Fall 2000

        Article Essential Read pp 123-40

    2. Recommended Readings: 17 items
      1. What works in development?: thinking big and thinking small - Cohen, Jessica, Easterly, William c2009

        Book Background

      2. Social provision in low-income countries: new patterns and emerging trends - Gordon White, Germano M. Mwabu, Cecilia Ugaz, World Institute for Development Economics Research 2001

        Book Background Read Cook, S. and White, G. (2001) ‘Alternative to Welfare Policy Analysis: New Institutional

      3. The illusion of progress: unsustainable development in international law and policy - Gillespie, Alexander 2001

        Book Background Chapter 4 - Trade

      4. The invisible hand and the common good - Bernard Hodgson, International Conference on Studies in Economic Ethics and Philosophy c2004

        Book Background

  9. Lecture 8 - Poverty, Inequality & Social Exclusion - Armine Ishkanian 27 items
    1. Essential Readings 4 items
      1. Poor economics: a radical rethinking of the way to fight global poverty - Abhijit V. Banerjee, Esther Duflo c2011 (electronic resource)

        Book  Read - (Chapters 1-2) pages 1–40

      2. The language of poverty: an exploration of the narratives of the poor - Federica Misturelli, Claire Heffernan 05/2011

        Article Essential Read pp 206-222

    2. Recommended Readings 23 items
      1. Poor economics: a radical rethinking of the way to fight global poverty - Abhijit V. Banerjee, Esther Duflo c2011 (electronic resource)


      2. Collateral damage: social inequalities in a global age - Bauman, Zygmunt 2011

        Book Background

      3. The language of poverty: an exploration of the narratives of the poor - Federica Misturelli, Claire Heffernan 05/2011

        Article Background

      4. New approaches to poverty: Analysis and policy, 3: The poverty agenda - Rodgers, Gerry, Hoeven, Rolph van der, International Institute for Labour Studies, International Labour Organisation 1995

        Book Background

      5. Breadline Europe: the measurement of poverty - Gordon, David, Townsend, Peter 2000

        Book Essential "Trajectories of social exclusion: the wider context for the third and first worlds' - pp. 407-439 - Room, G

      6. Defining poverty in the developing world - Stewart, Frances, Saith, Ruhi, Harriss-White, Barbara 2007

        Book Background Chapters 2 -5. 'The Monetary Approach to Poverty, Capabilities: The concept and its implementations, Social Exclusion: The concept and Application to Developing Countries and Participatory Methods in the Analysis of Poverty'.

      7. World poverty: new policies to defeat an old enemy - Townsend, Peter, Gordon, David 2002

        Book Background 'Poverty, social excusion and social polarisation: the need to construct an international welfare state' - Townsend, P

      8. The Politics of Assessment: Water and Sanitation MDGs in the Middle East - Neda Zawahri, Jeannie Sowers, Erika Weinthal 09/2011

        Article Background

  10. Lecture 9 - Informality & Resilience - Tim Hildebrant 12 items
    1. Essential Readings: 4 items
      1. The human economy: a citizen's guide - Hart, Keith, Laville, Jean-Louis, Cattani, Antonio David 2010

        Book Essential Chapter 13 'Informal economy'. Hart, Keith "SCANNED READING"

      2. Local democracy in South Asia: microprocesses of democratization in Nepal and its neighbours - Gellner, David N., Hachhethu, Krishna 2008

        Book Essential Chapter 11 - 'Understanding the Local Power structure in Banglasdesh' - Lewis, D and A. Hossain "SCANNED READING"

    2. Recommended Readings: 8 items
      1. Informal labour markets and development - Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis, S. M. Ravi Kanbur, World Institute for Development Economics Research, Sweden. Expert Group on Development Issues 2006

        Book Background

      2. Informality Revisited - William F Maloney 2004-7

        Article Background

      3. Contentious politics - Charles Tilly, Sidney G. Tarrow c2007

        Book Background

  11. Lecture 10 - The Future of Social Policy - Armine Ishkanian 16 items
    1. Essential Readings: 4 items
      1. Evolving meanings of “the social” in the international development agenda - Taylor & Francis, Naila Kabeer 2013-

        Article Essential Read pp 114-131

      2. Review essay: A New Social Policy? - S. Akbar Zaidi 2001- (electronic resource)

        Article Essential Read pp 258-263

    2. Recommended Readings: 12 items
      1. The (im)possibility of development studies - Stuart Corbridge 05/2007

        Article Background Read pp 179-211

      2. Inclusive states: social policy and structural inequalities - Dani, Anis A., Haan, Arjan de 2008

        Book Background

      3. Assets, livelihoods, and social policy - Caroline O. N. Moser, Anis A. Dani c2008


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